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Free Summer Mixtape

THE FRIDAY FIX :: As I have mentioned before, NoiseTrade is a grand place to discover new indie artists (as well as a few mainstream artists residing from alternative and folk) for free or optional, generous donation. Since I am signed up for their mailing list I was given an exclusive offer not yet published on their website, and I would like to share it with you. Like NoiseTrade’s Facebook Page and download a pre-made summer playlist of 65 free songs for your summer enjoyment, pleasure, and discovery. Summer tunes don’t get better than this.

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WORN OUT WEDNESDAY :: I’ve never been good with tie-dye-ing. But i recently tried it again, and with a little help from my co-worker’s friend (who is obviously a professional tie-dyer ;) ), I was able to finally make this shirt! My camera didn’t do it justice, but if you recognize the color combination, I applaud you. I’m thinking about making a small line of Royalty t-shirts that are hand-dyed and silk screened. Just an idea. :)

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MANIC MONDAY :: Yes it is official my dears, I am now available on Instagram—@misssea_lion. As of now, I have a handful of what I would call “test photos,” just to get a feeling for this social media. I have to say, even though I fought it for as long as I did due to privacy terms and this article by Gala Darling, I am very in love with the whole idea with Instagram. My favorite feature, absolutely, is the Geo-tagging and mapping your photography. For inspiring travelers, such as myself, this is an internet sensation and blessing.

Although some photographers will fight it still and state that applications like this allow every “avaerage joe” the notion that they are just as good of photographers as the professionals. Personally I applaud these applications because it allows for creativity to blossom a little easier for those who constantly tell themselves “I can’t”; these applications can be an open door for individuals to find a true passion and work towards something more. But I will also say, there is an extent that is reached and a level must be acknowledged and left to the true professionals—regarding those who they, themselves, are not passionate for the art.

Beyond this, I would like to use social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, for experiments and Projekts. I’ve been storming around with ideas such as Kat Von D’s “Sketch A Day,” or branching out on my Worn Out Wednesdays and cataloging an outfit a day. There was also the idea of taking photographs on Instagram and lacing them with lines of poetry I would publish on Twitter—but to avoid the over-working it on two platforms, I think I will just publish both via Instagram and have it feed through to my Twitter.

As always, expect some MORE exciting creativity to be feeding through and shared.

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THE FRIDAY FIX :: Tune into WSRU 88.1 FM, or online here ( from 4:00- 6:00 pm today to hear this weeks mix of rock and roll! Today’s show will feature Fall Out Boy’s newest album interlaced with other rock songs throughout the years. Also be sure to catch our newest segment featuring a live artist! Lots of good stuff coming your way this week on The Friday Fix, don’t miss it!

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