Inspired and Motivated

During her slam poetry performance last night, Cristin O’Keefe Apotowicz shared strong words of encouragement with aspiring authors, poets, and general writers. Her number one advice was to self-publish and just get your work out there. That is what she did in college; she made friends with Kinkos and her backpack, selling the individual copies of her self-published worked.

What fantastic motivation! Her advice has really encouraged me to continue writing in hopes to finish a piece that I will be ready to self-publish. Possibly, even with the last piece I postedA Career in Radio. I believe I have exhausted those five sections and it is time to expand outward, add more, and continue with my “soundtrack” idea. I would love to be able to call that piece finished and start printing out copies to share with my friends, fellow peers, and even favorite authors (Apotowicz suggestion as well). I would just be satisfied with the satisfaction of a hardbound finished piece, which is why I fell in love with her advice.

And speaking of advice, I was very excited to find out today that Nubby Twiglet answered of few questions of my own. She is one of my favorite graphic designers and I follow her blog on the daily for constant inspiration (she, and a handful of other female bloggers really encouraged me to start my own blog), so it brought a smile to my face to see she reached out to me to help me along. You can find my letter and plea for advice in her Ask Nubby #43 post. Also please check out her site,, for even more advice, inspiration, and design.

Of course, I am even more motivated now to continue with the plans and goals I have made. And one of the first ones will be this blog! It is in need of better structure and more TLC. So hopefully by the end of next week I will have everything sorted out, and I will be blogging on the daily! Can’t wait!

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  • 2 years ago